Dental Aesthetics

A beautiful, harmonious smile it part of everybody’s beauty ideal. Who wouldn’t want to be able to smile widely or laugh out loud, revealing a set of superb teeth? It is our duty and a goal of plastic medicine to make this dream come true. Such a smile can restore self-confidence and it can improve life quality. Dental aesthetics can help make this wish come true.

estetica dentara
For many patients, looks are more important than functionality. We make great efforts, just like an artist does, to obey by colour, symmetry, composition rules, in order to restore the much desired smile on our patients’ faces. The Hollywood smile! There are whitening procedures available to you, as well as ceramic or composite-material facades , Emax crowns, composite obturations, etc.
Besides, upon request, we can also improve our patients’ smiles by injecting them with Hyaluronic Acid, or by using the “Vampire” therapy (carried out in our clinic by collecting the patient’s own blood!) The injections are made around the mouth or in the peri-nasal groves.

What problems can be solved by dental aesthetics?
Small spaces /dental overlapping
Colour modifications
Non-homogeneous structure teeth
Dental traumas
Asymmetric teeth
Facial lack of harmony