Dental prophylaxis

Prophylaxis is the secret to dental health is. In our clinic, we plead for prevention before anything else. An illness caught in its early stages is easier to treat, with lower costs and minimum suffering. In dentistry, periodical checks (every 4-6 months) and professional hygiene services represent the safest way to prevent any dental illnesses and to catch any disease in its incipient stages. It is obvious that we all want to have perfect teeth!  

Prophylactic measures can spear us the pain caused by dental illnesses such as: gum bleeding when chewing and brushing, bad breath, colour changes and, most important of all, the factor triggering the alarm, PAIN. Our advice to you is the following: don’t wait until the pain kicks in, before you go see a dentist! Our recommendation for healthy teeth? Periodic dental check-ups every 6 months, professional hygiene services and we can also give you some advice on appropriate mouth hygiene, correct brushing methods and other additional hygiene measures.