Dental treatment

This refers to the treatment of those dental lesions that everybody knows as caves “CARIES”. The deeper they are, the more suffering they can cause. If they are discovered in their early stages, caries can be treated easily and painlessly.

Firstly, you will notice these caries as small brown dots. If they remain untreated, these dots turn into cavities and they spread both in surface and in depth. Once they become deep caries, they can complicate things by affecting the dental pulp. Caries are treated with crown obturation, which is also known as “dental filling”. Our clinic has materials of the best quality, which are the key to restoring a tooth’s initial shape.


Dental caries may be prevented by observing strict oral hygiene rules and by following some simple rules.

  • An appropriate hygiene schedule implies brushing one’s teeth twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.
  • Dental floss is also an indispensable element in someone’s oral hygiene.
  • Dental caries may be prevented by sticking to an adequate nutrient diet.
  • Many caries can only be detected by a dentist. That’s why, regular check-ups, every 6 months, may help you keep your teeth healthy.

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