When the carious process or the traumatic injury reaches the dental pulp, a root canal treatment is needed to save the tooth. Such endodontic treatments are carried out under local anaesthesia. A well-executed “Canal filling” extends the tooth’s lifespans and delays its extraction.

Our clinic has the best equipment to carry out successful endodontic treatments. The best root canal treatment can only be provided under the microscope, using an enhanced magnification scale and an appropriate lightning. The use of microscopes in root canal treatments, has led to the successful treatment of many difficult cases, that were initially given a pessimistic prognosis.

Although an endodontic treatment under the microscope is more expensive than a classic treatment, it provides more long term safety to the root treated this way, and it insures a higher rate of success.

Once the root canal treatment is completed, the tooth may be equipped with a prosthesis, such as a casted pivot or a fiberglass reconstruction and then, it can be covered with a crown restoring the tooth’s morphology and functionality.