The loss of a tooth is a trauma for everybody. Besides the aesthetic implications of such a loss, there are also functional or degenerative implications, such as chewing troubles or even long term changes of the dental-maxillary system. That’s why, every tooth lost should be replaced with another.
The most modern and recommendable way to replace a lost tooth is by making an implant. This specialty ceased to be novelty a long time ago. Today, we can make complex restorations using implants. Depending on the needs of each patient, we will choose the most suitable solution, to make sure that the lifetime of the prosthetic works carried out on the implants is as long as possible, and the patient can be as comfortable as possible. What are the advantages of this method? For the patient, the implanted tooth will feel like a natural one, giving him/her complete comfort and allowing him/her to chew properly, as if he/she had a natural tooth and the looks of the patient’s face will be restored. This is certainly an investment in your future, in a better life quality and, in time, it can spare you additional dental expenses in the future. And, most importantly, we sacrifice very little or no healthy dental tissue. The teeth surrounding the missing tooth, where the implant is made, are kept intact.
By comparison, in case of a dental bridge, the teeth surrounding the missing tooth are cut and polished.
Why should you choose a dental implant?
  • This is the best solution on a long and medium term.
  • An implant fulfils perfectly both the aesthetic and the functional need, just as a natural tooth.
  • Any prosthetic works fitted on an implant have a very good stability and a high resistance in time.
  • Implants remove the inconvenient of wearing a mobile denture, by looking and feeling like natural teeth.