Orthodontics is a dentistry specialty focusing on repositioning any badly positioned tooth on the arcade, in a harmonious manner, thus contributing to a correct occlusion (bite). This can be done with various types of orthodontic devices, either fixed or mobiles. When should you see an orthodontist? When your teeth are bundled together, when there are spaces between your teeth, when some of your teeth are missing, when you have teeth placed in other positions than the normal ones, etc.

There isn’t a very high age limit for orthodontic treatments. Such treatments can be offered both to children, teenagers and adults. The sooner you start this treatment, the more options you have available and the results start showing faster. Orthodontic treatments are mainly useful to restore functionalities, to correct dental occlusion, to reposition badly placed teeth, bundled teeth or to correct any spacing existing between the patient’s teeth. secondly, it is also useful to generate a harmonious dental look.