Paediatric dentistry

Children’s teeth are sensitive and they need special care. A harmonious dental development depends on factors such as diet, dental hygiene and genetics. Our paediatric dentist will make a child’s visit to the clinic as pleasant and painless as possible. Taking one’s children to a paediatric dentist is very important, because any incorrect dental treatment may have serious consequences for the rest of a child’s life. There is also an inhalation-sedation device in our clinic. Administering anaesthesia via inhalation-sedation („funny gas”) is a revolutionary, safe and totally painless experience. It is very important to treat any illness in its early stages, especially for children, as well as using modern methods to prevent caries from occurring at young ages. And, in order to make your visit to our clinic even more colourful, any baby teeth obturation can be done in various colours. Besides, we will also educate your children about the right way to care for their teeth. This way, we make sure that each and every child learns the right technique to brush his/her teeth, while also encouraging kids to stick to a diet that would help them have healthy, withe and bright teeth.