This branch focuses on treating any illnesses affecting the tissues where the teeth are implanted, e.g., the bone, the intra-alveolar ligament (fitting the dental roots in the alveolus) and the gums.

The main cause of such illnesses is the bacterial layer that is not fully removed from the teeth and gums, e.g. INAPPROPRIATE DENTAL HYGIENE. In the early stages of these diseases, one can notice symptoms at gums level (swelling, spontaneous bleeding or bleeding during brushing); If it’s not discovered early on, gingivitis can evolve, leading, in time, to the loss of teeth. We recommend all our patients, especially those suffering from periodontal illnesses, to visit our dental clinic for professional hygiene services, at least once every 6 months.
Besides the bacterial factor, there are many other factors that contribute to the degradation of the periodontal tissues: smoking, systemic illnesses, hormonal imbalances, biting defects, etc.

Once installed, a periodontal illness cannot be reversed. Best case scenario, it can only be prevented from evolving further. This is a very complex specialty with various approaching techniques and with spectacular results, when the biological material and the patient’s cooperation allow it.